Established by artist Mervyn Moriarty in 1971, the Institute was registered as the not for profit association, ‘Brisbane Institute of Art’ (BIA) in 1988.  In 1998, long time BIA student and supporter, Nona Metcalfe generously bequeathed her estate to the Institute. A building fund was immediately formed and the BIA Fund was established to receive tax deductible donations. In 1999, a long term lease was negotiated with Brisbane City Council on a building at Windsor. To maximize the benefit of donated funds, a dollar for dollar Cultural Facilities Grant was sought from Arts Queensland and the building was refurbished to accommodate art studios, workshops and gallery.

Benefits of the Fund

Assisted by the fund, BIA has developed into a major community arts organization in Brisbane. The annual arts program now provides part-time employment for over thirty artists and more than one thousand people participate in the art classes and workshops. The Institute also supports a busy exhibition program. Donations have been utilized to purchase equipment, refurbish studios and establish the Nona Metcalfe gallery.


Donations to the BIA Fund are tax deductible and the fund monies are used to develop the facilities and arts program.
If you would like to discuss making a donation to the BIA Fund, please contact us on 3857 5377 or make a donation online -

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